Teambuilding & team coaching

Provide your teams with short and magnificent getaways. Carried away to a world of challenge and play, in stunning venues carefully equipped for the task, participants discover for themselves effective communication and the power of team work.

Our concepts and activities are all designed, in both user-friendly and respectful of the human and natural environment to both boost unity and seamlessly extend your communication and management strategy.

360S Team building Morocco: Team Cohesion through fun challenges!

Unlock your individual and team potential to boost performance with a wide range of 360S Marrakech Team building solutions.

Team Building Goals :

  • Fun & challenging icebreakers to create or renew relationships
  • Build team spirit through a shared memorable experience outside the normal work environment
  • Develop individual’s creativity & boost adaptability
  • Build trust through practical tasks requiring cooperation
  • Learn to assess situations, plan and assign  tasks before acting
  • (Re) Discover the value of compromise
  • Improve communication channels through hands on approach

We design teambuilding events tailored to your challenges with Evolution2.

Morocco Team Coaching: Team coaching as a Team Building extension.

Challenge yourself during team building Morocco … and exceed your professional or corporate goals through team coaching !

Would you like to boost employee engagement in your strategic objectives? Are you looking to develop individual performance through improved collaboration? Would you like to defuse internal conflict by creating a new venue for its resolution? In a nut shell, would you like individual talents to serve your collective performance goals? Then Team Coaching delivers great long term value for money

Team building aims to build relationships between members so that they know each other better, understand each other more and collaborate more effectively.


Team building effects changes in individual behaviour and team operations by gathering everyone around a shared and motivating purpose.

Finally, it mobilizes and directs individual talents in the service of a common purpose defined by the manager:




In addition to your team building experience in Morocco, 360S team building offers team coaching assignments from half day events to two days excursions. All sessions are delivered by a European certified consultant specialist in dynamic management and collective performance.


Foster strength & purpose through team building games :

Sporty, fun or adventurous but always amazing, Team building solutions tailored your team profile and business needs.

Fully open to the Great Outdoors in adventure mode, or culturally focused on immersion and authentic discovery, our Team building solution in Morocco are all supervised by qualified professionals keen to share their enthusiasm and passion !

Tell us what your challenges are, we will create a team building Morocco solution for you.

Surprise participants & encourage them to go beyond themselves :

The most intense team building events of your seminar in Morocco carry participants both collectively and individually.

After the effort the unforgettable: the pride in having experience outsized moments, of having reaching new personal boundaries and shared this experience with others !

Whether it is for professional version of a desert rally raid pro version, the ascent of one of the highest peaks in Africa, or a trek or canyoning in the Atlas, 360S teambuilding Morocco guarantees unforgettable team events !

In a nutshell, experience the adrenaline version of Morocco !

Our latest achievements :

  • Responsible Eco Rally todevelop cross-competences, live unforgettable moments & contribute to local development
  • Itinerant raid adventure activities activities around a central hub to fully enjoy landscapes, venues & environments
  • Marrakesh Express to combine interactive discovery & team building.
  • Douar Boyard Ultimate Challenge for teams to collaborate & explore millennia-old Moroccan culture

Who are we ?

360S is an incoming travel agency in Marrakech specializes in incentive and team building and the exceptional stays.


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