Plantation shutters are shutters usually found in the upper portion of a building’s windows and doors. A A2B Windows and Blinds Perth plantation shutter is usually a strong and stable window shade usually consisting of only a frame of horizontal iron rails and vertical wooden stiles. Entrances to the building can either be framed or constructed out of louvers and other structural elements that will support the shutter. Plantation shutters are commonly used for commercial applications because they require little maintenance and cost less per square foot.

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Top 10 Reasons to buy Plantation shutters are: – Style-conscious individuals and establishments can enjoy a more modern look with the use of Plantation shutters. Shutters give the impression of high quality and elegance. – Durability – Shutters are extremely durable. Shutters that are custom made often have extra reinforcements and are tough even at the highest tension levels. – Protection from the wind and rain – Since Plantation shutters fold up to secure, it is an ideal window coverings that are easy to install.

Top 10 advantages of Plantation shutters over traditional shutters include: – Sliding features – A wider louvers opening that provides a greater light and air flow to rooms on higher floors. – Sliding louvers are more stable than traditional louvers and are better designed for heavier objects. – Louvers are made from a thick, tightly woven, weather resistant material making them able to provide sufficient strength for long term usage. – Plantation shutters are available in a variety of sizes and styles to cater to the needs of clients.

Top 5 reasons for choosing Plantation shutters include: – Easy installation – Provides adequate light and air control for any room. – Sliding louvers are more stable and prevent tilting which causes doors and windows to swing out of place. – No more noisy noise and vibration that comes with traditional louvers.

The installation process for Plantation shutters is quite easy, especially for those who are considering this as the replacement for traditional blinds. With just two screws, it’s possible to secure the Plantation vinyl blinds right to your window. Plantation shutters also come with a system for tilting the blind to give a greater degree of light control and privacy. One popular feature of Plantation shutters is the hidden tilt rod that allows the louvers to tilt up to twenty five degrees. However, to allow room for louvers to slide and adjust themselves, a twenty five degree tilt is most suitable.

There are many benefits of installing plantation shutters over traditional blinds and this is because the Plantation vinyl blinds provide a superior, durable, more economical window covering. Additionally, with the proper installation and care, traditional shutters may not be able to support the weight required for oversized windows. With the additional features and options available in traditional shutters, it’s hard to imagine a situation where they would not be an appropriate choice. To find out more about Plantation shutters, visit online shutter enthusiasts sites and discover how easy they are to install. In no time at all, you’ll be enjoying the style, comfort and economy of Plantation shutters.