A photo circulated on Twitter shows a man sitting on top of a dead shark. The image was posted by wildlife TV presenter, who asked followers to retweet the message to identify the man. Many Twitter users endorsed comments, questioning where the humor came from. She didn’t identify the man in the photo, but alleged that it was a “trophy kill”.

The photo of Jimmy John Shark was posted by the website Technically Incorrect, and it quickly went viral. People condemned the man for ‘humiliating’ a shark, but some people believed that the man might be a former Florida Gators coach Jim McElwain. However, he denied the claim and is believed to be a retired NYPD cop. Regardless of who the man is, his actions were not appreciated by the animal.

Man poses naked while straddling a dead shark. Internet outrage ensues -  The San Diego Union-Tribune

While there were a number of comments attacking the man who posted the picture, the identity of the man behind the incident is still unclear. According to the Florida, the naked man was a former NYPD cop and a member of the Finest. Although the photo was taken two years ago, it was not in Florida. In fact, it was taken in Long Island. No one knows the man behind the bizarre photo, but it is still an extremely disturbing picture.

Another person who has been accused of humiliating an innocent shark is a former NYPD cop. James McSwigin, who is accused of having posted the picture online, denied the allegations. The NYPD and Jimmy John’s owner Jimmy John Liautaud deny all accusations and has since retracted the post. The man, who has been named as the man behind the picture, is believed to have been a former member of the Finest.

The man behind the photo, who is a millionaire, is a bounty hunter. He has been criticized for hunting big game, and is allegedly hiding due to the fact that he killed a shark. His naked image has been widely circulated on the internet since the incident. There are no laws against exposing the killing of an animal, but this photo is controversial. The hilarity of this act is horrifying. The alleged killer is also a disgrace to the human race and has become a worldwide sensation.

The man humped a dead shark on his boat. This photo has been making the rounds for weeks and the lookalikes of the shark have both publicly denied the photograph. As a millionaire, he no longer has to hide from the public because of pictures of him hunting big game. Instead, the man who is caught with a dead shark in a similar situation has become the new hotness.