Have you heard of the traditional South Indian architectural grandeur and style, represented through pooja mandir cary, wall sculptures, and other decorative art forms? This ancient art form has been a favorite among the South Indian population and the culture has spread all over India. This form of art is also known as Jiva manner. It is believed that these traditional architectural designs were introduced during the rule of the great Mughal King Jahangir and his wife Mumtaz Mahal.

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These designs were largely influenced by the works of such artists as Mirza Dabeer Saleha, Mustafa Aqeed Chishti, and Shah Jahan. Some of these designs can be seen in their miniature works in the mosques and offices all over India. Today, these architectural marvels are still popular as wall carvings for homes and offices. In fact, people even opt for this kind of interior design while constructing a new building.

These designs are not just limited to wall carvings. They are also incorporated into the interior designing of homes and offices, especially when it comes to the decoration of the bathrooms and the interiors. They can be used as accessories, such as medicine cabinets, mirrors, and similar things.

What makes the South Indian designs stand out from the rest of the designs? First and foremost, they represent a traditional style of architecture. Secondly, they are symbols of spirituality and good fortune. They are believed to ward off evil forces from the homes and offices, as well as promote wealth and prosperity. They are considered as protective and talismanic elements. The best thing about them is that they enhance the beauty of the entire interior design of the home or office.

Pooja manuals for homes and offices come in many different shapes and sizes. Some of them are small in size, while others are huge. Some of them have floral designs while others have geometric shapes. The designs include motifs of animals, birds, flowers, and the like. They can also include motifs of Lord Ganesh, Jain gods, and other Indian deities.

There are many online stores from where these designs can be purchased. Prices vary depending on the size and type of the ornament. Some of them can cost you as much as hundreds of dollars. However, there are some manufacturers who provide affordable accessories. This is another reason why people prefer these accessories. The designs are not only beautiful but also inexpensive.